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love never dies


SHINee are literally the sole survivors of an SM group version of the Hunger Games



i really want to see a male idol get married and his band members give him weird toasts like “hey do you remember the time we made out? I hope your spouse is a better kisser than me. Cheers!” 

did u mean heechul as soon as a suju member gets married?


I’m about to cancel my cable subscription. SM Entertainment has a 24/7 web based reality TV show called “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING?!

This 2014 season has been awesome. 

Can we talk about how Taemin is the only solo artist and debut act in this list?

@bumkeyk: 자리빛내줘서너무고마워 수고했어
 Thanks a lot for making the seats shine. You’ve worked hard